"World Class"

(We have) been working for Black Lagoon and particularly with their territory manager Joshua Burnside for the better half of 3 years. The services that have been provided by both have been world class and exceeded our expectations.

When we began working with Black Lagoon our pond was in disarray from years of neglect. We were in dire need of a complete reformation of not only the pond but the ecosystem.....around it. Black Lagoon/Josh took the proper steps to not only ensure that our pond returned the function it was designed for, water retention for our fire sprinkler system, but also look aesthetically pleasing.

After 3 years our pond has become a focal point of our facility and we have since purchased fish, aerators, and a fountain from Black Lagoon. In addition Black Lagoon treats our pond whenever algae presents itself and is very timely in returning our calls and concerns. We essentially leave anything regarding the health of a vital piece of our facility entirely in the hands of Black Lagoon/Josh and have no intentions of going anywhere else.


Matt M., Warehouse Manager