Floating Water Unit - Away With Geese

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Floating Water Unit - Away With Geese


The Away With Geese Water Unit is a goose deterrent light that actually floats in your pond. The Water Unit rids ponds, lakes, and retention areas of unwanted geese.

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Geese normally return to the water at night to sleep and be safe from predators, and then stay in that area throughout the day. The presence of geese can negatively impact a water body, causing nitrogen loading, algal blooms, and oxygen depletion, as well as E. Coli and fecal contamination.

The Water Unit effectively rids ponds, lakes, and retention areas of unwanted geese. It features a floating amber 360-degree solar-powered light that flashes every two seconds, every night, year-around. The light is scarcely noticeable to humans but is very disruptive to the sleep of the geese and causes them to no longer feel secure in the water. After just a few anxious and restless nights, the light encourages them to find another habitat.

The unit is effective within a 75-yard radius and is tethered to a weight or anchor (that you supply). Please see this page or call us at 513.941.6730 for a personalized assessment of which kinds and how many units your area will require.

All Away With Geese units are:

  •   satisfaction guaranteed
    • You will be satisfied or we’ll give you your money back.
  •   maintenance-free
    • The lights are solar powered and require no upkeep
  •   NOT bothersome to people
    • The light is very annoying to geese, as they have incredibly sensitive eyesight, but to humans it is dim and scarcely noticeable
  •     environmentally friendly and have no impact on the natural landscape
  •     humane
    • Though they annoy the geese enough to relocate, they have no ill effect on them
  •     cost effective and sustainable
    • Once placed properly, they will put an end to your geese problems, once and for all.