Pond-Floor Mapping

Over time, all lakes and ponds begin to fill in with organic matter and sediment. 

Eventually, they may no longer be able to function as originally designed, such as for stormwater control, irrigation or perhaps recreation or simple aesthetics.



When your lake or pond reaches this stage, it’s time to dredge, and dredging brings some unpleasant circumstances:

  • Dredging is very expensive
  • Dredging requires extensive permitting
  • Dredging will temporarily turn your pond into a construction site

As unpleasant as the task of dredging may sound, it must be done eventually, and must be budgeted for.  For the pond manager, the best way to budget for a dredging project is to determine WHEN dredging is going to be necessary.  The best way to do this is to MAP the lake or pond floor every few years and determine the rate of infilling.

The best way to budget for a dredging project is to establish when it is going to be necessary

Know When It’s Time to Move Your Mud!

In budgeting for the dredging of your pond, identifying the amount of sediment is the best information you can have.  That is where Black Lagoon Pond Management comes in. 

Black Lagoon now offers Pond-Floor Mapping services. With our new remote-operated Hydrone™ Mapping System, Black Lagoon can provide you with a complete plan showing the amount of sediment currently in your pond.
The Hydrone™ is a remote-controlled survey boat that uses dual-frequency sonar to compare a pond’s actual bottom to the layers of sediment that have accumulated over time.

The Hydrone™ is operated by a one-man crew, and the operator can quickly map the bottom of your pond by simply driving the boat over it!  Black Lagoon’s Hydrone™ system can collect thousands of accurate data points in the time it takes to launch a real boat!  The Hydrone™ system is also equipped with a GPS survey unit that can provide a complete mapping of your pond and the immediate surrounding area.

 Black Lagoon’s Pond-Floor Mapping services can provide you with the most important information you need to help you anticipate and budget for the dredging of your pond.  Let Black Lagoon help you answer the question:

“When Will I Need to Dredge My Pond?”