About Josh

Joshua Burnside

Serving as an aquatic specialist and territory manager for Black Lagoon's Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey clientele, Joshua works in and around wetlands, ponds and lakes across the region.  Joshua has a diverse background in aquatics:  from sediment and erosion control efforts, fountain troubleshooting/service and water quality monitoring to pond and lake restoration.  He employs resourceful techniques to these areas on a daily basis. Other qualifications include a B.S in Environmental Science from Delaware Valley College and licensing as an aquatic pesticide applicator in four (4) states.

When not working, Joshua will be found wading a stream or coastal flat in pursuit of any number of fresh and saltwater species. Spending the majority of his time in the outdoors, he is also an avid hunter, and enjoys kayaking and trail running. Joshua  coaches college soccer at his alma mater where he had an MVP playing career.