Pond Aeration, Pond Fountain Installation and Custom Solutions

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Aeration is the foundation of pond management.

Every managed pond should have an artificial pond aeration system. A continuously renewed supply of oxygen is essential to preventing a build-up of sludge and maintaining aquatic habitats.

Particularly during the growing season, pond aerators increase dissolved oxygen and stimulate a pond's natural cleanup process while addressing a wide range of water quality problems like:

  • Reducing algae growth

  • Preventing stagnation

  • Suppressing foul odors

  • Reducing mosquito and midge-fly infestation

  • Dramatically reducing bottom sludge accumulation

Lake and pond fountains aerate the water while enhancing your property's beauty and protecting the balance of your aquatic ecosystem.

There are two conventional methods for artificially aerating a pond. Floating fountains and diffused air bubble systems. While a bubble system is unobtrusive and almost silent, a floating fountain can create a dazzling aesthetic display. These innovative pond fountains are available in a wide variety of spray patterns, creating dazzling waterscapes that also add to the overall health and vitality of your lake or pond through the aeration these systems provide.

Black Lagoon sells a wide range of lake and pond fountains and aerators. Not only will our professionals help you select the best possible aeration system for your unique site, we also offer installation, scheduled maintenance and repair, winterization and warranty service on all the aerators and fountains we sell. Contact a Black Lagoon fountain and aeration systems expert for a custom price quote on the lake fountains and pond aeration systems that fit your specific needs.

Challenge us with a custom pond aeration or fountain installation

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  • Proper sizing is critical to avoiding bank erosion and overnight oxygen depletion

  • Voltage drop calculation is necessary when determining cable length

  • Brackish/salt water requires high grade stainless steel

  • Water depth will dictate system options

  • Unit quantity and lighting influence control panel customization


Black Lagoon is your full-service aeration seller and FOUNTAIN repair center.