Fish Stocking Services

A staff biologist at Black Lagoon can assist as you develop a fish-stocking plan for your pond.  Our recommendations can be thorough (through an electro-shock or net survey) or based on industry standards, judging from the size and age of your pond and a list of known species. Once a plan is developed, we can put you in contact with the best local hatchery to meet your pond's needs.

Most regional ponds only support warm-water fish species like largemouth bass, bluegill, redear sunfish and channel catfish year round. Trout require cold water temperatures (less than 70° F) and high oxygen levels. Seasonal "put and take" trout fishing is possible if larger fish are stocked in October and harvested before the onset of hot weather. Unless trout can find a cool refuge in a pond during the summertime, they are likely to die.

Fish stocking for ponds


Moving fish from your neighbor's pond or a local lake to your pond is probably a violation of local game laws and can result in fines or penalties, particularly with newer laws targeting the spread of invasive species and fish diseases. To reduce the risk of stocking undesirable invasive species or diseased fish, purchase your fish from a reputable hatchery.

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