Private Estate Pond Maintenance

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At Black Lagoon, we hold ourselves to the standards set by our estate clientele. We are proud to serve a diverse client portfolio, including chart-topping musicians, best-selling authors, professional athletes, successful entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 corporate executives and more.

  • All staff working onsite are licensed and insured
  • No generic products are used at our estate sites
  • Our staff understand and observe a high level of discretion
  • Only full-time professionals assigned to ponds for our private estate clients (no summer help or interns).
  • We respect our clients' busy calendars and will plan our schedules around your use and event-specific needs.
  • Our pricing is single payment with no surprises: we bring relief from nuisance pond conditions and will continue our efforts (within legal and permitted boundaries) on our own time until our client is satisfied.

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