Stuytown RGBW Lighting Project

Fountains have always been used to beautify and enhance urban spaces with the aesthetically pleasing sight and sound of water.   Black Lagoon has installed and maintained many fountains to help bring the beauty of water to sites and properties across the northeast. An option that can further enhance the beauty of any fountain is lighting.   By adding lighting, the full aesthetic features of a fountain are achieved and the complete enjoyment of a water feature is extended into the nighttime hours.  Fountain lighting options can range from a simple 2-LED lighting kit to an elaborate programmable lighting package.

Black Lagoon recently participated in the design of an AquaMaster RGBW (Red, Green, Blue, White) lighting system for the concrete oval fountain at Stuytown, a large residential apartment community in New York City.  Stuytown was built between 1945 and 1947 and is set within an 80-acre private park near the East Village, Gramercy Park and Murray Hill.  Stuytown is home to approximately 30,000 people.  Central to Stuytown is the “Stuyvesant Town Oval” a large open lawn area with amenity spaces including basketball courts, a dog park area, benches and tables.  There is no doubt that the residents of Stuytown use these amenities to unwind and enjoy the outdoors.  Included with the Stuytown Oval is this beautiful oval water fountain: 


As part of a larger renovation project, Black Lagoon was contacted about upgrading the older fountain lighting system to the AquaMaster RGBW programmable lighting system.  The upgrade to the RGBW lighting system would require the replacement of 36 lighting fixtures as well as new electric panels and wiring.

Black Lagoon worked in tandem with AquaMaster and the contractor to provide the new custom lighting package. Along with the 36 new fixtures, items such as wire and panel sizing, color coding, light controller and transformer requirements were determined.  The contractor was also pleasantly surprised to learn that when sizing the proposed lights to the original fountain lighting brackets, the AquaMaster lighting fixtures fit the original brackets almost perfectly.  Not having to fabricate new brackets for the new lighting fixtures would ultimately save time and money on this phase of the overall renovation project.


With the AquaMaster Bluetooth-Controlled multi-color RGBW lighting system, lighting patterns, colors and configurations can all be simply controlled from a mobile device.  This programmable capability reduces overall maintenance costs for lighting the Stuytown Oval Fountain, as the older system’s bulbs would have to be individually changed to get  particular colors and patterns.  And with the maintenance department at Stuytown having their hands full with taking care of 30,000 residents, changing of fountain bulbs can be one time-consuming maintenance task scratched off the daily to-do list!

The AquaMaster Bluetooth-Controlled RGBW system allows the user to simply choose from many pre-selected lighting programs or develop a custom programmed light display, and at the push of a button have new lighting schemes up and running:


 Examples of the pre-set programs in action at Stuytown include:

Breast Cancer Awareness:


Fourth of July:


User-Designed Custom Color Scheme:


The AquaMaster RGBW Lighting Programs can also be set to automatically change throughout the year with an easy to use calendar feature. Other Preset RGBW programs include:

  • Christmas
  • Hanukkah
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Mardi Gras
  • Valentine's Day

The replacement of the lighting at the Stuytown Oval Fountain with the AquaMaster RGBW lighting system was a resounding success for Black Lagoon.  Many people stopped to take in the sight of the new fountain lighting during the system check.  Like a fireworks display, there were positive reactions from the crowd that had gathered to watch, and people began to film the different lighting patterns that were put on display.  Black Lagoon was proud to help bring out the full potential of this prominent water feature within this large residential community! 

If you’re interested in upgrading your fountain with lighting, or maybe interested in adding a fountain for your property, contact us here first at Black Lagoon!  We can discuss your needs and come up with a fountain design solution that is best for you.  When thinking about the calming blue of water, think about Black Lagoon!