Fountain Winterization Services

Your aerating fountain is an expensive piece of equipment.  It's an investment that you made to bring out the aesthetic beauty and to improve the overall health of the pond(s) on your property or in your community.  Naturally, you want to take care of your investment to make sure that you get the most out of its performance and to maximize its lifespan.  That is why winterization is a very important process to maintain this expensive piece of equipment.  You should expect your fountain to be well taken care of during the winter months, to be cleaned, tested, repaired or maintained, and the motor stored indoors.

Black Lagoon Pond Management is a fountain company all throughout the year, by maintaining, troubleshooting and repairing fountains during the season, to keep your fountain running, and your pond healthy and beautiful.   As winter approaches, however, Black Lagoon focuses primarily on the winterization care of your fountain.  Black Lagoon is an authorized distributor of both Otterbine and AquaMaster Fountains and our staff is factory trained in the service and repair of both products.  We are proud to service what we sell.  Our clients include homeowner’s associations, municipalities, golf courses, commercial properties and private property owners.

Black Lagoon’s winterization services are an extensive logistical undertaking, as we provide fountain retrieval and transport services to and from our shop here in Bordentown, NJ.   Our territories cover the entire state of New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland, so that means many fountains arrive at our shop each winter.  Once at our shop, your fountain motor is disassembled from its float assembly and these components are thoroughly cleaned with a pressure washer. During disassembly and cleaning, we inspect your fountain for any damage, such as a broken debris screen, damaged lights and float integrity.  Any damage found is logged in our database and evaluated for repair.


Once cleaned, your fountain motor is electrically bench tested to make sure it is running as it should be.   Fountain motors are tested for amperage draw, insulation (megger) testing, resistance and continuity.  All electrical testing is also recorded in our database. 


Once your fountain motor passes all electrical tests and inspections, it is then tagged and shelved in our shop facility, and won’t see the light of day until next spring! 


If for some reason, your fountain motor fails any electrical test, it will be further evaluated by our factory-trained staff for any necessary repairs.  If your fountain winterization service requires a seal/oil change, or any other recommended maintenance, this will also be performed over the course of the winter season.


If a repair is determined, Black Lagoon will provide a detailed cost estimate of the repair of your fountain for your approval.  If your AquaMaster or Otterbine fountain is under warranty, Black Lagoon will initiate a warranty claim with the manufacturer to facilitate the repair process.  Upon receiving approval, Black Lagoon will then perform approved repairs to your fountain. 

Black Lagoon begins installation of fountains when the grip of winter breaks in March, and typically lasts through April.  Black Lagoon’s fountain winterization service is a complete turn-key operation that takes the worry out of maintaining your expensive investment.   We handle it all - from pulling your fountain from the water, to service, to reinstalling it in the spring, and we are ready to add your fountain to our winterization schedule.  If you have any questions about our fountain winterization services, or about your fountain in general, contact us today!