N.A.P.M.S Annual Meeting

If you are involved or interested in managing lakes and ponds, from any point of interest, I don't think there's a better annual meeting than NEAPMS (neapms.org).  We just returned (Christian, Steven and Josh made the trip to Saratoga as well) and its obvious that the meeting has really energized staff as we look ahead to the 2015 season.

As the owner of a  "micro" business servicing the lake/pond industry, my opinion is that our Society membership boasts the "perfect" mix of lake associations, regulatory/state personnel, academia (professor/student), suppliers, manufacturers, consultants and applicators.  Significant recent growth (NEAPMS now has more than 190 members) suggests that many others have the same opinion.

Sure, there are the inevitable presentations where the "choir is being preached to..." and certainly some presentations cross the "sales pitch" line, but the Board of Directors almost always finds a balance in the program (give them a pass regarding the 2014 Hydrilla focus because it HAS to be a focus/alarm bell in the northeast region). 

Black Lagoon sincerely thanks NEAPMS for keeping our company trained, informed and up-to-date in our ever-changing industry.