AquaMaster RGBW LED Fountain Lights

AquaMaster's new programmable RGBW LED lighting is an industry first. Another simple yet elegant, "plug and play" solution to converting a pool or basin into a beautiful water feature. Add the bluetooth option and control is in the palm of your hand.

36 Fixture Retrofit at the Stuytown Oval, New York City, NY

• Factory programmed with color assortment and holiday themes
• Calendar feature for automatic on/off programming of shows throughout the year
• Simple underwater power cable connection ( AquaLock (ALC) cable disconnect)
• Custom programs available
• Low operating cost
• Long lasting : 65,000 hours
• No lens or board replacement required for color changes
• Stainless steel fixtures, brackets, and shielded jumper cables
• 3 year parts and labor warranty
• Can be retrofitted to existing AquaMaster fountains. Inquire about other brands

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