Where a visual aesthetic is not desired, diffused aeration systems are, by far, the most efficient method of aerating a pond.  These simple systems utilize an inverted plume of bubbles to "lift" water up and out of the way.  The "lifted" water is then replaced with surrounding water creating a circulating flow.  The limiting factor for this type of system is water depth

Diffused aeration systems:

  • have no visual aesthetic (see floating fountains)

  • very low operating costs

  • no electrical components in the water

  • has limited efficiency in shallow water (less than 4 feet deep). 

  • very few moving parts

  • diffusers do not need to be removed for winterization.


Our factory trained staff can guide you through every phase of an aeration project:

  • system specification and design

  • electrical sizing and permitting

  • pad / conduit installation

  • trenching

  • in-water installation

See how a pond aeration system by Airmax Ecosystems can breathe new life into your pond:

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Black Lagoon installs AirMax Lake Series professional aeration systems


Proper pond aeration is the most important step in creating the perfect aquatic ecosystem.  Maintaining a clean, healthy pond can be simple once you understand its life cycle and learn to work with Mother Nature, not against her.

With so many aeration styles and suppliers to choose from, Black Lagoon chose to work with Airmax® Ecosystems based on their cabinet design, ease of installation and simplicity of maintenance.  

A proactive approach to pond management focuses on treating the source of the problem, which in most cases, is an abundance of excess nutrients. This proven approach has become the standard in modern day pond management.  Airmax Ecosystem™ saves pond owners time, money and most importantly helps them to enjoy their pond season after season.

Airmax® Ecosystems was founded with simple guidelines:

  1. focus on natural solutions that provide outstanding results

  2. keep the process simple and affordable.