About Black Lagoon

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As waterways and wetlands are negatively influenced by over-development, pollution and construction, water quality degradation and invasive plant infestations are on the rise. The need for aggressive stewardship and applied maintenance to protect aquatic and wetland ecosystems has never been greater. 

Black Lagoon specializes in this area of aquatic stewardship. 

We develop cost efficient, effective ecosystem restoration plans and pond maintenance programs. We mitigate conditions impacting water quality, land use, ecosystem balance, property value, recreation and overall aesthetics. We establish long-term relationships with our clients to manage the water quality challenges faced by their lakes, ponds and wetlands.


Our diverse client base spans the Northeast region and includes:

  • private land-owners

  • consulting engineers

  • golf courses

  • office parks

  • property management companies

  • landscape maintenance companies

  • fishing and recreational lakes

  • farmers

  • country clubs

  • schools

  • wetland scientists

  • sportsman’s clubs

  • swim clubs

  • State and municipal parks

  • nature centers and summer camps