Black Lagoon maintains an award-winning pond fountain service center.

Black Lagoon specializes in fountain service and pond fountain repairs.

Black Lagoon specializes in fountain service and pond fountain repairs.

A commercial floating fountain or aeration system is a significant investment toward maintaining the water quality in your pond.  These electrically-powered systems perform demanding work in a harsh, underwater environment.  Routine maintenance costs less than repairs and should not be ignored. 

Black Lagoon can travel to your New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Delaware location to pick-up your commercial fountain aerator for maintenance, service or winterization.  We also can receive and service your pond fountain at our Bordentown, New Jersey service center (please call or email to let us know you are coming).

Black Lagoon services fountains in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Black Lagoon services fountains in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Black Lagoon is recognized as the regional leader in providing commercial fountain and aeration system repair services:

  • electrical panel troubleshooting
  • power unit troubleshooting
  • oil, seal and ring changes
  • bearing replacement
  • motor replacement
  • wire harness retrofits
  • electrical panel component replacement or retrofit

Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance is a necessity.

These examples demonstrate incorrect installation, poor handling or lack of maintenance. (click to enlarge)

Our Services

Our service sets us apart. Other pond management firms view the fountain market as a "nuisance necessity".  We decided years ago to embrace the fountain/aeration market and become the industry leader.  We distinguish ourselves by preventing problems rather than just repairing them, providing high-quality service at affordable prices.  Our employees have committed to countless hours of factory training, and Black Lagoon has evolved an unparalleled workshop specifically outfitted to service commercial fountains and aeration systems.  Because maintenance is almost always less expensive than repair, our focus is on providing the highest level of service to your fountain before it breaks down. To ensure your fountain aerator is running well and help you avoid costly repairs, we follow the manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedule for each system.

Your Satisfaction

Our team is committed to customer satisfaction.  Our factory trained service technicians will answer all of your questions when it comes to servicing your fountain, and help you keep your fountain maintained in optimal condition.

We serve both residential pond owners and commercial customers. Our clients include municipalities, golf courses, apartment complexes, college campuses, corporate centers, homeowners’ associations, and private lakes and ponds.

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Fountain Service FAQs

Do I really need "factory-training" to work on a commercial fountain?

Yes. Most pond fountains are 240V appliances — like your oven or clothes washer — and are controlled from a watertight panel containing several complicated electrical circuits. Allowing untrained persons to work on the watertight motor or inside the electrical panel is not only dangerous, it commonly leads to nuisance breaker trips, faulty timers, blown capacitors and hours of troubleshooting.

Does my pond fountain really need to be removed during the winter?

Yes. If you live where the water can freeze over in winter time, your fountain should be removed from the water during the winter months. Ice can crack the plastic float and/or metal motor housing as well as seize the propeller/impeller assembly. Leaving your fountain in the water during the winter months risks permanent damage and will void the manufacturer's warranty.

Does my pond fountain really require an oil change?

Yes. Most commercial fountains consist of an electric motor in an oil-filled housing. Once the warranty period has ended, just like your car's engine, the oil and water-proof seal assembly should be changed on a regular schedule. The older the fountain, the more quickly  the oil and seals will degrade.