Water and Sediment Testing Services

Routine water quality testing is essential to a healthy body of water

Why test?


Routine assessment of key water quality parameters provides valuable information about the health of a waterbody. Analysis and documentation of water quality parameters provide data necessary to determine pond and lake management activities, establish and achieve ecological benchmarks, and comply with regulatory thresholds.

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Algae & Water Quality Prescription Services

Black Lagoon's SeSCRIPT Algae and Water Quality (WQ) Prescription Services include: 

Algae ID Panel

The panel service includes algae identification, classification, description and density, or biomass enumeration. The data generated from this analysis provides valuable data for the development and assessment of algae management programs. Results are available within 7 days of sample receipt.

WQ Baseline Bundle

The Water Quality Baseline Bundle provides quantitative analysis of baseline water quality parameters used in the assessment and management of water resources. EPA standard methods are utilized to quantify the following water parameters; alkalinity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, hardness, pH, phosphorus (total and free reactive) and turbidity. Results are available within 7 days of sample receipt.

WQ Baseline Bundle PLUS

Includes the analysis covered in the Water Quality Baseline Bundle as well as chlorophyll a, nitrates, nitrites and total nitrogen for a complete nutrient assessment. Reporting also includes a trophic index indicator. Results available within 7 days of sample receipt.

WQ Individual Bundle

Individually select the water quality parameters to meet your water management objectives.

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Black Lagoon & SeSCRIPT Analysis

Local water labs are simply not equipped to analyze water samples for the extremely low levels necessary to determine nutrient contamination. We have partnered with the SRTC laboratories in Whitakers, North Carolina, a lab specifically established for analyzing lake and pond samples, in order to provide our clients with the absolute best possible lab services for testing lake and pond water. 

SeSCRIPT Analysis, conducted at the SRTC laboratories in Whitakers, NC, provides a comprehensive suite of analytical and treatment prescription services for the assessment and management of both water quality and algae.

SeSCRIPT Analysis incorporates EPA analytical methods and site-specific prescription services for improved management of algae and water quality.  SeSCRIPT Analysis and reporting is rapid, accurate and economical.