Hydro-raking is an alternative to dredging, and is a common technique used for the physical removal of small scale infestations of aquatic plants.  Our hydro-rake uses a 4’ - 8’ wide rake with a backhoe-like attachment to collect and remove weeds, debris, and organic material. Equipped with high-speed paddle wheels and a limited draft, this machine is ideal for shallow waters.

Hydro-rakes are most often used to clear small areas around docks, ramps, channels, and swimming areas, and can help to deepen shallow areas. The hydro-rake can also be equipped with a bucket attachment.

The hydro-rake does not have on-board storage so if it is necessary to dispose of plant material at a distant off-load site, the conveyor system on a weed harvester is utilized to transport the material.

Rates of productivity vary greatly depending on the type of material and distance to shoreline disposal points, but averages from 0.25-1.5 acres per day.

Hydro-raking is ideal for removal of:

  • Floating islands
  • Cattails
  • Waterlilies
  • Leaf accumulation
  • Phragmites
  • Snags

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Hydrorake Examples

Examples of a Hydrorake project in a 2-3 acre golf course irrigation pond: