Aeration is the foundation of pond management.

Every managed pond should have an artificial aeration system.  A continuously renewed supply of oxygen is essential to preventing a build-up of sludge and maintaining aquatic habitats.

Pond aeration increases dissolved oxygen, particularly during the growing season and aeration stimulates a pond's natural cleanup process while addressing a wide range of water quality problems:

  • reduces algae growth
  • dramatically reduces bottom sludge accumulation
  • suppresses foul odors
  • reduces mosquito and midge-fly infestation
  • prevents stagnation

There a two (2) conventional methods for artificially aerating a pond, floating fountains or diffused air bubble systems.  While a bubble system is unobtrusive and almost silent, a floating fountain can create a dazzling aesthetic display.

After a successful installation, we also provide scheduled maintenance, winterization and warranty service.  Black Lagoon is your full service fountain and aeration service and repair center.

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