Estate ponds and fountains require a unique quality of service.

At Black Lagoon, we recognize and respect the demands of our estate clientele. We clearly understand that a very unique and specific quality of work is expected from our estate pond services clients. Black Lagoon boasts  a clientele of chart-topping musicians, best-selling authors, professional athletes, business owners, Fortune 500 corporate executives and many others who expect every detail of their New Jersey, Delaware or Eastern Pennsylvania estate to be perfect      

Discretion is "a given" and our schedule is yours to decide.

  • Only full-time, salaried professionals with college degrees in an environmental discipline can work on ponds for our private estate clients (no summer help/interns).
  • No generic products are ever used at our estate sites.
  • All licensing and insurance is in force for every individual working on these sites (we recognize that this is not a "training ground").
  • We recognize and respect our clients' busy calendars and will plan our schedules around your use and event-specific needs, working extremely early/late or through the weekend if necessary, to beautify your private estate pond.
  • Our budgeting is lump-sum with no surprises. We bring relief from nuisance pond conditions and will continue our efforts (within legal/permitted boundaries) on our own time until our client is satisfied.

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