Black Lagoon Pond Management and Invasives Control

Black Lagoon Pond Management and Invasives Control specializes in maintaining the delicate balance needed for a thriving aquatic ecosystem through custom designed solutions.


New Product/Service Spotlight: 


ACCURATE POND-FLOOR MAPPING is finally affordable!  Black Lagoon introduces the best new technology for cost-efficiently and accurately establishing a base-line for how much "mud" is on the bottom of your lake, pond or retention basin and tracking it over time.

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Programmable LED Fountain Lighting

AquaMaster Bluetooth -

Bluetooth Controlled, Programmable RGBW LED lights allow the user to display millions of different colors through a panel mount light controller. Each light controller contains many different holiday light programs. 

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Product/Service Spotlight:


PHOSLOCK® Phosphorus Locking Technology is the best new technology for effectively removing phosphorus and restoring water quality in ponds, lakes and reservoirs.

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